Who am I?


Hello world!

My name is Lara and I am a professional portrait photographer and visual storyteller.

My life as a photographer has started 2009 in a lovely city Kiev, Ukraine. With lots of love and passion to what I see and feel, I have kept capturing everything and everyone around me. Now I live in the Netherlands and my passion never let me go.

Choosing a profession of a photographer it is quite important to figure out what do you want to picture and how to be different from another professionals. So an idea of being a storyteller has instantly took my mind and my heart. I felt that it is very important for people, that someone can capture a little moment of their life, so they can see and experience that once again, just like they were completely alone. It can be any story – a wedding day or a day of birth of your child, a baptising in a church or just a wonderful family day together. Every single story is special! An importance and value of these images is difficult to underestimate.

Our life consists of lots of special occasions, but I feel that every single day has something important to us, our family, children and the world. My goal, as a storyteller, is to photograph people and their life in its beauty, because this is the only thing what we should be carrying in our hearts through all our life. I see that myself and I want you to see that too! Let me to witness one day of your life and I will prove you that your life is a true wonder!


Wish love,

Larysa Dobbe-Konstantynova