Home delivery is one of the most natural ways to bring your baby to the world!

It is so wonderful and special, that it might be difficult to explain by words. Woman that experiences home delivery, in eyes of the photographer, looks so calm and focused, so balanced and in control. In the Netherlands this type of delivery is quite popular for young women, because women strongly believe that there is nothing better for them and their baby than to be at home at that moment. Women trust their doctors and their bodies that delivery experience will be painless, with pleasure and happiness only. I can not doubt that after what I have seen.

For me as a photographer, such as for everybody around in the room it was a very complicated process, however with a highly natural approach. The woman in labor at home is definately never alone, there will be always nurse around. However you couldn’t hear anyone, you couldn’t see much movements in a house, you could only feel that the air has stoped and the world became as small as a dot. Everything was focused on her and bringing new life to the world.

With this truly amazing experience I would not be the one to advise something to “the mother to be”, however I would love to share with everyone who scared, who doubt their fiscal abilities, who might be having sleepless nights, because of a lot of thoughts and fears about “that day”, that labor can be a happy and wonderful experience and every women can go through that. Believe in yourself, trust your nature and your doctors and let the miracle happen when it’s time!

With many love to little Skyler and the whole happy family! XXX


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